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IRS Audit Defense____________
How many times have you heard that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will settle your tax liability for “pennies on the dollar?”

If you’re a fan of Roni Lynn Deutch, J.K. Harris, Patrick Cox, and the rest of the “tax masters," you’ve probably heard that promise more than you’d care to admit.  And, worse, if you’ve ever been 
one of the clients, you probably learned a long time ago that there
really is no Santa Claus.

In short, the promise that the IRS will settle anything for pennies 
on the dollar is a lie.

However, our Tax Audit and Investigation Defense (Tax-AID) at Hellesmeer prefers to put the truth of the matter closer to home.

  There is no such thing as an Offer-In-Compromise (OIC) for  
  pennies on the dollar. There are, of course, plenty of fraudulent  
  OIC’s filed every year. There is also the felony of tax evasion and
  spending the next five years in Federal prison.
  – Carrie M. Martinez, IRS Criminal Investigation Division 

It is in contrast to this reality check that Tax-AID at Hellesmeer 
finds the false promises of the “tax masters” particularly troubling. For example, one “tax master” asks:

  Have you been audited? Is the IRS coming to your home or place 
  of business? Is the IRS sending you threatening letters or 
  threatening to levy on your property?

In fact, it’s very similar to having been stricken by a serious malady. One would have thought that the constant pain and sleepless nights might have tipped-off the victim to the fact that something was seriously wrong.   And, similarly, an IRS audit only happens for a very serious reason.  But for a variety of unexplained reasons – most of them likely attributable to the “tax masters” – many people every year simply choose to ignore the serious warning signs of an IRS audit, hoping that it will just go away on its own – perhaps for “pennies on the dollar.”  

And they do so at their own peril.