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Albert Kirchner_______________

Albert Kirchner was born in 1967 in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and 
educated at The Dickinson School of Law.  Al became a member
of Hellesmeer Gemeinschaft in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 2012.  

Prior to admission to the Pennsylvania Bar in 2005, Al returned 
to the University of Pennsylvania and completed his Master of 
Philosophy (M.Phil.) degree, followed by fieldwork in the new
information science of Health Information Management (HIM).

In 2004, Albert Kirchner completed the first of two Master of Laws
(LL.M.) degrees at The American University, Washington College of 
Law.  Al received the first of these degrees in Law & Government with 
a concentration in Federal Taxation.  Since 2009, Attorney Kirchner 
has been active in the development of the Health Law and Policy 
Institute at The American University, Washington College of Law.

In 2015, Al completed his second Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree at 
The American University in International Law.  In recognition of his 
work in Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (ESCR) in the area of 
health information, The Washington College of Law awarded Albert 
with an additional credential in International Human Rights Law. 
This is the highest graduate credential attainable in human rights law 
at The American University, Washington College of Law.

Attorney Kirchner now leads our Pro Bono Practice Group for clients  
who may be unable to afford representation at The Hellesmeer Group.