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Credit Defense________________ 
Collection agents nowadays scoff at the old adage that “possession is
nine-tenths of the law.”  In the present age of default and foreclosure, 
record ownership of valuable property virtually guarantees creditor 
attachment and execution. Collection agents remind us that, while it 
might take some time, judgments eventually get around to being 
executed and enforced against the legally unprotected. 

This means that you could be evicted from your own home or farm.  
This means that your personal property could be auctioned off in a 
“sheriff’s sale.” Your liquid assets – such as bank accounts, securities, 
and most retirement pensions – could be seized to pay off creditors.

The late Dick Kerchner was a Pennsylvania Dutch farmer who laid the 
foundation for Hellesmeer Gemeinschaft in Lancaster County.  Dick
made it our mission to protect clients from what he termed the “wolves 
in sheep’s clothing” – the collection agents.  Today, Hellesmeer is a  
Pennsylvania asset protection firm with one purpose only:   To allow 
those who wish to exercise the right to protect their property to do so.

Our clients at Hellesmeer Gemeinschaft are often surprised to find out 
that the State Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is 
strong in protecting individual property rights.  But our laws also give 
the same strong rights to those outside the Commonwealth who would 
like to take our property away from us.  So, the same law that allows 
others to take our property can be used to protect our property. 

Dick Kerchner was fond of saying that “a man can protect his farm and 
family, or allow them to be the lambs that go to the slaughter.”  The 
better choice is to work with an asset protection attorney in our
Credit Defense Program (CDP) to ensure that no creditor can reach
into your family’s assets without a lot of hard work involving difficult 
legal hurdles. When faced with costly litigation and attorney’s fees, 
debtor’s examination, and extensive collateral skip-tracing, many of 
these “wolves in sheep’s clothing” go back to preying on the unprotected.  
They quickly learn to leave you alone. 

Our strategy in safeguarding your assets from creditors is simple: “Own 
nothing; Control everything.” To do this, an asset protection attorney 
in our Credit Defense Program (CDP) uses a proprietary asset diversion 
strategy: Layering, Multiple Entity Ownership, and Integrated Entities.

We consistently tell our clients that it is not from someone else’s use of 
the law that your assets are lost. It is your own failure to use the law to 
protect your assets.  Only those who fail to act will lose their assets.