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Divorce Defense_______________
It has been said that the best time to divorce your spouse is before
they serve you with the papers.

Although that may be a rather blunt way of putting it, it is true that many unsuspecting individuals each year find themselves ill-prepared for the frontier justice of the Pennsylvania divorce court. They are blindsided by the sudden sneak attack of a complaint in divorce served by a disgruntled ex-spouse. 

Many clients of Hellesmeer Gemeinschaft are surprised to learn that the Pennsylvania Domestic Relations Code purports to divide property between ex-spouses equitably as opposed to equally.

Such so-called equitable distribution often results in devastating consequences: the loss of priceless family heirlooms and Pennsylvania ancestral estates-in-land; or, the forfeiture of liquid assets and family legacies to an ex-spouse who may have had only the most remote relationship with Pennsylvania prior to marriage.

Many of these unfortunate consequences could have been prevented 
by early divorce planning, done in strictest confidence at our firm, 
with an asset protection attorney working in our Divorce Defense Program (DDP). 

Although not a divorce law firm, Hellesmeer Gemeinschaft has 
zealously safeguarded and successfully diverted the assets of many clients who must secretly plan with us for the possibility of divorce. 

The end result of asset protection in our Divorce Defense Program (DDP) is that, by the time we transfer your case to a divorce attorney with whom we enjoy a close and discrete professional relationship, 
your ex-spouse will be forced to work a lot harder in Pennsylvania divorce court and receive far less.

The costly legal expenses which your ex-spouse will incur in a
seek-and-destroy mission to reach your inaccessible assets provide
a real incentive for an early and inexpensive divorce settlement.

And, most important, our Divorce Defense Program (DDP) ensures
that you will end up keeping what is yours.